Why The Need To Use Trailer Coupler 2 Inch Ball?

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A trailer coupler 2 inch ball is designed for heavy-duty towing. This one can effectively attach a trailer to the towing vehicle. What makes it even more beneficial is that it features a convenient trigger latch system. That is why it can just be so easy and quick to install it. It is up to you to make use of it for the trailers. It is best because it can load up to 3,500 pounds.

Once you attach your towing vehicle to a trailer, a trailer coupler 2 inch ball is a safe device to use. You are no longer required for modifying the truck. This measures two-inches and two-inches channel. You will find one product that comes complete with mounting holes that can be so easy to access. There is already a trigger latch included in it. This enables quick unlocking and locking including easy hookup. Find one that belongs to class II classification. It is designed for trailers that do not exceed 3,5 lb. weight capacity.

The usual specifications of a trailer coupler 2 inch ball include SAE class II, GVW: 3500 lbs, straight tongue stamped coupler, quick lock latch, zinc-plated, and coupler lock hole for security.

Reliable and Versatile

Two of the great characteristics of 4 trailer coupler inch ball are the reliability and versatility. It can be purchased in chrome or stainless finish. As per the usual range in weight capacity, it is between 3,500 lbs to 12,000 lbs. The 2-inch trailer balls are used on SUVs and vans and even to full-size trucks.

An important to ever consider in mind is that an efficient and strongly operating coupler system. This is the key essential of easy unhitching, hitching, and safe trailer towing. This should as well be properly installed on the tongue of the trailer. For once, a D-L coupler could bring about an exclusive quick-lock ball clamp assembly. And this one could be adjusted without the use of wrenches. This can provide an accurate fit on the hitch ball. This is also while the trigger action release permits fast unlocking and locking. The lock lever can be held securely closed by the safety hatch and the cam action.

Be lucky as well to find zinc plated yellow chromate finish that can resist corrosion three times than the usual zinc plated trivalent chrome. This one is thirty-percent more resistant to corrosion than the powder-coated finish. Even the lab tests results that use five percent neutral salt spray confirms that such finish can rust resistance to almost 500 hours.

Other features of trailer coupler 2-inch ball include being fit to A-Frame style trailer, measures standard 50-degree angle, has standard size jackhole including a three-bolt pattern. This also comes with weld-on installation and a heavy-duty steelhead. This is also great as it can accommodate 7,000 lb. towing capacity. Sometimes, it has the collar-lock design that makes it an even better option.


Now, you have so far learned more about the need to use trailer coupler 2-inch ball!

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