What RV Satellite Dishes to Install On Your RV?

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It can be quite difficult to decide on the best RV satellite dishes to install on your RV. This is due to the reason of the many choices available for you. The good thing is that reputable websites make the process of deciding which one to choose less confusing. It will help if you learn about the satellite technologies that can be found around.

When deciding on the RV satellite dishes that seem right for you, you need to ask yourself several questions. Know what satellite provider you will be using. Know as well the features that seem significant to you. Would you want something as pay as you go or would you want one that can be used while the RV is in motion? It may be a good idea to have something backed by HD programming. It might also help if there are features like height clearance, DVR capabilities, and many more.

What’s more, know what television in the RV you would want to watch the satellite programming. Plan the right budget for the use of RV satellite dishes. As you consider all these things, you will now be guided on what satellite system is best to have for your needs. Ask some help from the experts in the service and sales departments.

Below are the three options to consider for recreational vehicle users.

In Motion

Get by-the-minute weather, sports, and news while driving your RV to the woods. This in-motion satellite dish is perfect in providing you the chance of viewing satellite programming. This is also while your RV is on the go or is parked. This will give you a perfect high-definition viewing. This varies by price as it also varies by the model chosen.


Choose this manual type that is an affordable way of obtaining a satellite mounted just on the roof. This will somehow demand a bit of effort to find the strongest signal available. This also makes use of a digital type of elevation sensor. This can then be manually set after having parked the RV at the campsite. It is just that this cannot obtain an HD signal. And as per the price, it will also vary by the model chosen.

Stationary Automatic

Mount this type of RV satellite dishes on the roof of your RV. It will then automatically find the satellite signal just by the simple push of a button. This comes in its domed shape. This is somehow a more conventional satellite as it appears. The unit is quite bigger coming at a hefty price tag. This could already provide a multi-satellite viewing experience. So far, this is the only dish that allows users like you of achieving high-definition programming. Purchase and install this satellite dish depending on its capabilities and model. There are so far many brands to choose from that can be quite overwhelming on your part.


Consider using this portable choice of RV satellite dishes. This is easy for you to use while placed outside the RV. It can be placed either on the small table or the ground. Move it with ease to get the strongest signal needed. Plug it into the exterior coax found in the storage compartment or right through the exterior center for entertainment. This unit can be found in both automatic and manual.

These are the 3 options you might want to take a closer look into as you decide on what RV satellite dishes to install on your RV!

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