Trailer Hitch Ball

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What exactly is a trailer hitch ball? It is mainly a component inside a system designed to be used to connect a towing vehicle to a trailer. It is bolted down to the ball mount. And this is now connected to the trailer hitch. This is securely attached right through the towing vehicle. The trailer hitch ball provides a way to attach the trailer’s coupling. That way, it will be maneuvered by using various angles. This is particularly true if it is set in motion. The ball allows the trailer or caravan to move freely when needed.

How Does It Work?

Understand that a trailer hitch ball is intended to be used incompatibility with a specific type of trailer. It is required to be matched up with the hitch ball size diameters and the maximum towing capacity of the device that will be towed.

It is necessary to match the ball to the specifications for a safe and secure towing operation. The ball usually consists of a threaded shank that gives way to secure fitment to the mount. And this is chosen to base on the diameter of the hole.

It is the maximum capacity of towing that will dictate the diameter of the trailer hitch ball. Just keep in mind to attach the ball safely to the hitch. Set the wrench at the manufacturer that is provided by torque. It is also suggested to apply a specific layer of grease between the coupling and the ball.

How It Is Made?

The trailer hitch ball is made from different metals. This is also chosen to base on the available budget and the intended use. At the specific low end of the scale, the trailer hitch ball will be made from steel material. This material type will be covered with chrome material. But, you need to bear in mind that this is not heavy duty. Even the coating may suddenly wear off that enable corrosion. For a stainless steel ball, it can help avoid corrosion. A forged steel ball is also great to be used for heavy-duty use. Nevertheless, all components are machined to meet high tolerances.

Why Does It Fail?

It is sometimes experienced that a trailer hitch ball goes to failure. This is because of the wrong size of the ball that is chosen for the hitch. What more, the ball may as well be underrated for the tow load. Even the mounting tend to lose and the ball is allowed to fall off. Moreover, the trailer hitch ball may wear out if it is not sufficiently lubricated.

What Symptoms of Failure Are Noticed?

The symptoms that can easily be noticed with a failing trailer hitch ball include the load that tent to come to lose. It also pulls against the safety chains. And the load may seem difficult to turn or tow due to insufficient lubrication.

What Does the Failure Imply?

When the trailer hitch ball fails, it means to say that the rig might go stranded. There will also be a catastrophic failure during the towing process. This might only lead to an accident.

While any SUV or heavy-duty truck may tow different trailers, it is a must thing to understand that the configuration will depend much on the correct trailer hitch ball dimensions. This is in terms of shank length, diameter, and maximum rating.

Now, you have learned more about the trailer hitch ball and all its essentialities!

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