An RV patio is an outdoor area adjoining your recreational vehicle. This may act as an extension of living space and may act as a veranda or a terrace; a patio may serve as lounging area beside your recreational vehicle for you and your guests. A patio may be built by attaching fabric or cover to the awning of your recreational vehicle which will serve as a roof to your patio.

The fabric or cover attached may vary in shape, size, texture, thickness, and material according to your preferences. Ample knowledge is required to be able to select the best RV patio awning fabric for you. Things to be considered are ease of operation, dependability, great service, and value. Also, you should be able to consider your budget and the type of RV patio awning fabric that it will allow. 

RV Patio Cover 101: The Basics

There are four most purchased recreational vehicle patio awning covers and fabrics, and these are the vinyl fabrics, the acrylic fabrics, the polyester vinyl composite, metal covers, and fabrics and covers made of other natural materials. You, as the customer, should select accordingly to which best fits your needs.

1) Acrylic Fabrics

Acrylic fabric has the ability to let air flow through the fabric due to the fact that it is made of woven cloth. They are excellent against the burning heat of the sun, the moisture and wetness of the rain, extreme cold, ice, and snow, strong winds, dust and dirt due to the outdoors, and bugs. It is known to be water repellant, however, not water proof. The acrylic fabric is also known to be able to dry easily. Since the acrylic fabric is very breathable due to its woven structure, the air around it will be constantly moving through its surface, and thus the temperature under its canopy will stay cooler as compared to canopies made out of other fabrics, such as vinyl.

2) Vinyl Fabrics

Vinyl fabrics are laminated fabrics, and thus water proof. This is this fabric’s ultimate edge over the other RV patio awning replacement fabrics. Also, vinyl fabrics are mildew resistant. Mildew forms due to the dust and dirt that has collected on vinyl fabric, and causes trouble when the patio fabric is stored whilst wet. Moreover, vinyl fabric remains tight on the frame and is a fire retardant.

3) Polyester Vinyl Composite Fabrics

The Polyester Vinyl Composite fabrics are very durable and are also water proof. Like vinyl fabrics, polyester vinyl composite fabrics also stay tight on the frame and are inherently fire retardants. These type of fabric offer versatility and flexibility for both residential and commercial applications.

4) Metal Covers

Metal covers, such as covers made of aluminum, are affordable. Aluminum RV patio awning cover are usually the most affordable patio cover available in the market. Moreover, they are also easy to install. However, they dent easily and can be very loud, especially when it is raining.

5) Natural Material Fabrics

Lastly, RV patio awning fabrics can be made from natural materials, such as cotton canvas. RV patio awning fabrics that are made of natural materials are relatively cheaper, but are also can be easily damaged and may easily fall apart. Moreover, RV patio awning fabrics made from natural materials may be needed to be replaced more often than their vinyl, acrylic, and polyester vinyl composite fabric counterparts. Moreover, rv patio awning cover may also be made of wood.


Choosing the best RV patio awning fabric is integral to your outdoor experience. Keep these information in mind when shopping for your awning fabric.

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