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Learning the ways of towing from up along the way on traveling even the simplest of tasks that has to be learned that many people in the world of RVing must learn is how to secure a 2 inch ball coupler. After some practices that should be a master in hitching 2 inch ball coupler and how to secure a trailer coupler to a ball hitch is one of the most common ways to tow. A 2 inch ball coupler has main components that should be working with on ball hitch and the coupler. This will be attached to the hitch receiver and the hitch receiver is attached to the tow vehicle because the coupler is the part that is attached to the trailer itself. The end goal is to secure 2 inch ball coupler to these two objects together so that you can tow with as little sway as possible during your travels. This is the most common type of 2 inch ball coupler setup for a towing vehicle and trailer and most trailers on the road apart from fifth wheel RVs will have this basic towing setup.

The guide to secure 2 inch ball coupler to a trailer ball hitch to a coupler is by cranking the trailer up so the coupler is higher than the ball hitch on the tow vehicle and just a few inches will do making sure you have a partner to stand by the trailer by looking over the 2 inch ball coupler. Continue backing the trailer up until the 2 inch ball coupler is under the coupler lock. The closer you get, the easier the rest of the process will be and don’t you worry if you don’t get it right the first time, even the most seasoned of RVers screw this part up because once the hitch is under the 2 inch ball coupler stop your vehicle, put it in park and apply the emergency brake, you can leave your vehicle at this point. Crank down to lower the 2 inch ball coupler onto the ball hitch, there might be some resistance at first but continuing cranking down until the 2 inch ball coupler pops in. If it doesn’t drop in you may be too far off, pull up and try again. The 2 inch ball coupler should be locked into place making sure that the coupler is not floating on the ball hitch. When you’re certain the two are locked in you can move on.

Lock the 2 inch ball coupler into place and there is a device known as a coupler clamp that is used to lock this down to secure the coupler clamp with the hitch pin that came with the 2 inch ball coupler. Use safety chains to link the trailer to the tow vehicle; you should cross the chains to act as a fail-safe to catch the 2 inch ball coupler should it somehow become detached. Connect any electrical components if your trailer has them and crank the trailer jack all the way up and swing it out of the way if applicable, you don’t want this dragging or scraping on the road. Make sure the full weight of the trailer is now on the 2 inch ball coupler. Utilizing your accomplice, check to ensure all lights on your trailer are working including blinkers and brakes. Keep in mind the steps may vary depending on your specific type of trailer or camper and guide to ensure you’re using the right type of 2 inch ball coupler for your towing vehicle for your setup.

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