RV Trailer Roof Covers For Longer Rig Life

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Choosing the best RV trailer roof covers can be a challenging decision. You want to protect your trailer and keep it in top shape. However, where you will store your vehicle and your budget are contributing factors when buying the most suitable cover.

RV roof covers are made to cover only the roof of your rig, protecting the seals and components on the roof from UV rays and rain. A roof cover gives you easy access to the windows, doors, and storage compartments of your RV. This is because the sides are left open with this type of cover.

Getting the measurement of a roof cover is a bit different from measuring a full-coverage cover. When it comes to measuring your recreational vehicle for a roof cover, you will want to measure only the length of your roof and not the overall length of the rig.

What Are The Benefits Of Using RV Trailer Roof Covers

Blocks Sunlight. UV rays have a bad reputation for deteriorating plastic, particularly the ones on the plastic roof vent covers. When the sun shines into your RV through a window, the shades, furniture, and carpeting may also fade. But, a cover can keep the trailer cooler and prevent any damage that may happen due to heat build-up inside.

Water Protection. One good reason to choose RV trailer roof covers is that they help avoid disastrous water damage. As your travel trailer sits in the storage for weeks or months on end, water becomes your worst enemy. The problem can get worse during freezing and thawing cycles. Any crack will fill with water and leaves a larger crack once the water freezes and expands. The process can repeat itself several times during the winter season, giving you a severe leak and extensive water damage.

Keeps It Clean. Washing an RV trailer can be a big challenge. Give your rig some scrubbing, washing, and waxing, especially in the fall. Put a cover on it before storing it. As soon as spring rolls around, there is no need to wash it again. The RV trailer roof covers can also shield the finish of your RV by preventing scratches from sand and dust.

Select The Fabric Well

The fabric you pick can make or break an RV cover. Some fabrics can stay longer than other types. Being durable is not the only factor. What you need is a fabric that is lighter in weight yet durable, and easier to put on. Also, find a cover that is breathable, or else mildew and mold can form, making your trailer become hot.

Storage Climate

Some covers are specifically made to provide protection by keeping bird droppings, dust, and moisture off of the rig while it is parked in covered storage. On the other hand, the RV trailer roof covers are made to hold up against snow, sun, wind, and rain. They offer full protection for your RV while being stored outside and exposed to the elements. When choosing the cover material, take into consideration the climate and where your trailer will be stored.

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