Make you own RV Awning Room

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RV awning itself gives the best shade it can for your outdoor staying. It is a kind of roof that is attached on the side of your RV where also you can put some accessories like small light at night and an additional shade on each side when sun rays strike. But what if you want more aside from a roof that gives shade out of the hot and sunny day or rainy day? Well, of course, upgrading is the best decision for your awning. You do not need to pull off the awning because it already serves as the roof of your area, and it will be easy for us to add more and make a room out of your existing RV awning.

Biting bugs keep you huddled in your rig whenever wheels aren’t rolling and adding up an easy set-up screen house on the side of your RV when you are in camp will let you spread out and enjoy the outdoors while keeping little critters away. Aside from the easy set-up houses, you can make your own RV awning room. If you already have an RV awning, it will be easy and simple to you to make your RV awning room. If you do not feel like shelling out values for a prefabricated screen awning room, you can build one yourself for less. You must create the frame from the PVC pipe which is lightweight and easy to set up and take down with corner connectors.

Before make your own RV awning room, you have to plan everything as if you are building a tent, you have to prepare all things you needed to build one awning room from the smallest parts up to the frames and wall screen. Think about first the measurement of your structure, asking yourself “how big the structure will be?” in this part, the size of the screen roll will depend on. Size the pipe to make frames from the length of your existing RV awning, following each side’s sizes. With the do it yourself pipe, construct the frame using a basic cube with eight three-way corner fittings. You can add a pole or two to the top for roof support by using two to four T-connectors opposite each other along top rails. And then, after the frame parts, make your own fabric cloth or screen as walls of your room. Choose a lightweight cloth cover or screen like-sunshade, to keep your screen well attached to the frame, you must make some holes where hooks can be hooked and to prevent the screen fabric from sagging. Upon doing the holes, you must use grommets along each side with a uniform gap or distance from one another. Use clamps or hook to attach the screen to one pole. Scattered it all the side of the awning and hook the screen’s holes. Add pieces of hook and loop tape along the frame top, bottom, and support poles to keep the screen secure. Cut off any excess length, and cut slits in the screen where you’ll want doors for going in and out your RV. Add another hook and loop closures or magnetic strips along the edges of the slits to easily close the doors and keep the bugs out. Make sure that your make your own RV awning room is strong enough to manage strong winds, tightly closed each edge so bugs cannot get in and spacious enough for your comfort.

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