Key Considerations When Buying RV Wheel Covers

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If you are an RV owner, you would want to take care of your RV home. It is essential to maintain it on a regularly. Run it like it is a well-oiled machine so you enjoy putting a few miles on it.

During the off-season, it is a must to prepare your RV for storage until the next time use. The wheels also sustain an amount of wear, particularly the tires that get in contact with the road. When the RV gets the chance to take a break, the RV wheel covers simply become useful in protecting the rim and tire from exposure. They are designed from vinyl material that is lined with scratch-free and soft materials. The chances of maximizing your protection are higher. That also includes enhancing UV protection in the prevention of tires from cracking and drying out.

When you are ready to cover your RV, it is good to invest in RV wheel covers. There are so many models that you could enjoy the best during off-season protection. Below are some of the key considerations that you could keep in mind in buying RV wheel covers.


Consider the weather in mind during the off-season. This is true when you will purchase wheel covers. If you are living in a sunny and dry climate, you could choose for covers that best focus on UV protection. If the climate is experiencing snow or rain, you will need RV wheel cover that can hold up against wind and moisture.

Wheel Size

Measure the wheels as well. The sizes will vary on the diameters of three to four sizes. If you have multiple axles on the RV and you also want a single oblong cover, you will have to measure the diameter right through the wheels.

Basic Protection

The RV wheel covers are made of vinyl material. This makes it easy to clean and waterproof. The interior can also get in contact with the rim and tire. It is lined carefully with scratch-free and soft materials. There are lots of models that concentrate further on UV protection. Understand it more that without the right coverage, the wheels that are left in the sunlight could crack and dry out.


The colors also come as relatively limited. They often come in gray, white, black, and beige that match your RV cover. Other RV owners like it matching their RV covers. Other owners focus more on getting the right covers available. Some specific colors tend to ward off excess UV rays and heat better than the others.


RV wheel covers are made of vinyl material and canvas. The vinyl material can repel water that makes it an ideal option for storing the RV during the off-season. The vinyl is known for being sturdy with the inside lining getting in contact with the wheel.

Extra Layers

The RV wheel covers consist of the softer and vinyl part inside the material. Some covers have extra layers of protection. Some models also have padding and some models could be insulated or quilted. The mold and mildew resistance treatments could bring out an extra layer of protection.

Now, you have learned more about the key considerations when buying RV wheel covers!

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