Install Truck Camper Tie Downs On Your Truck!

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Camp using a truck camper but first, you must install camper tie downs. They will provide such anchor entries that attach the camper right through the truck. Just remember that campers demand tie-down points whereas two are needed at the front and two are also needed at the rear part of the truck bed.

Two types of truck camper tie downs can be found as well like the frame-mounted tie-downs and camper tie downs. Also, consider buying the ratchet straps. It is just that you will have no way of measuring the amount of tension that is applied to the tie-downs on the truck. It is essential as the manufacturers often required 300-pound tension at each anchor point of the truck camper. If you do not measure the load that is applied by the ratchet straps, it will just be easy to damage the tie-downs and the anchor points of the camper due to tension. But if there only is less proper tension applied, the truck camper will only shift and will damage both the truck bed and the camper.

Discover if the entire system replaces hazardous ratchet straps. Know if they will keep the camping experience enjoyable and safe. It is also highly recommended to buy the frame-mounted type as they bring about the strongest base of securing a truck camper. The frame of the truck will provide a better and stronger foundation of holding the truck camper down as compared to the weaker form of sheet metal of the bumper and the bed. As per the frame-mounted type of truck camper tie downs, they also have one more advantage of the setup not becoming too heavy. And since they can be installed in the truck frame, they are lower than the truck bed. It is when the weight will be on the frame than the bed. If the lower attachment point does the distribution of weight a lot better, you now get a more stable truck and improved handling. This is also while you go towing and hauling.

Accessories for truck camper tie downs are also available. These are best designed to protect the portion of the tie downs installed right through the frame of the truck. Buy as well the finishing kit that will prevent the road grime and debris from going through the receiver tube. This will then help avoid rust. Other accessory products to consider in mind include the tie-down locks that can lock the tie-down inserts through the receivers. This thereby avoids the potentiality of theft.

Features of the Truck Camper Tie Downs

Below are among the features to appreciate the most about the truck camper tie-downs:

  • Improvement in the vehicle stability and handling. This is so far the safest and easiest way of hauling a truck camper.
  • Hauling the truck camper confidently as the tie downs are attached to the strongest parts of the truck which is the frame
  • Maintenance of the value of the truck with the prevention of bed damage and rust. This thereby avoids drilling into the bumper or the truck bed.

Now, you have learned more about the truck camper tie downs including their features!

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