Horse Trailer Covers: Various Types to Choose From

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Horse trailers are costly investments and they can get worse when left outdoors with the hot sun, rain, or snow. Normally, trailers are parked outside as they are too tall for sheds or carports. To help keep a trailer in good condition when it is not in use, horse trailer covers can protect the trailer from the elements.


A horse trailer cover is designed from woven coated acrylics like polypropylene and heavy-duty materials. They are made to cover an immobile trailer completely. Good covers use breathable fabrics so that moisture can escape fully. They must also be UV-resistant and water-resistant.

They come with zipper entry doors to provide easy access to a trailer with its cover on. Select one with two or more years of warranty, more elasticized bottoms to achieve a snug fit, as well as reinforced corners to reduce tears and snags.

Standard Trailer Covers

Most horse trailers are bumper-pull ones that are available in different sizes. They come in different length, different width, and different height. Therefore, you need to measure your RV trailer dimensions. When you are measuring the length, do not include the hitch. Horse trailer covers typically have a zipper-entry door on the passenger-side for easy access to the trailer.

Custom-Fit Or Universal-Fit

A universal-fit trailer cover can fit the majority of horse trailers within the range of sizes. It is typically large and allows it for tightening with buckles and straps so it fits securely around the trailer. The wind can get under the cover if you do not secure it properly, causing tears on the fabric. You may also choose a trailer cover that is custom-fitted if you are using a nonstandard-size RV trailer.

Gooseneck Trailer Covers

These trailers have hitches that are attached in the truck bed. Manufacturers offer fronts that are round or in V shape. Gooseneck trailers are longer than standard RV trailers, which is why they can be costlier. A gooseneck trailer cover has zipper entry doors on the sides. Cover such as this has a cinching system that is ideal for multiple fronts.

Maintenance Tips For Horse Trailers

When taking your horse trailer out, be smart about it. During winter, there may be icy conditions while driving on the road. The driving would be more challenging, not to mention hauling live animals with you.

If the weather is good, know that there will be lots of other elements on the road. If you using a trailer in the winter, you should hose it off in a car wash. Look for a car wash that is large enough to fit your horse trailer.

Horse trailer covers are beneficial in keeping your rig protected. So, make sure you buy one for your trailer.

In addition, keep in mind that tires have a tendency to lose pressure, particularly when not in use for long periods of time.

Also, cold weather can cause a lower tire pressure.  It is important to check the level of inflation of the tires, especially if you use the trailer during the winter season.

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