Canada Horse Trailer Covers: Safety Tips For Taking Care Of Your Trailer

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Doing some cleaning and maintenance on your horse trailer is one of the useful things you can do as a horse owner. Do not forget the importance of horse trailer covers as well.

Cleaning The Trailer

It means washing the floor by pulling up the mats and removing the bedding from the stalls. Also, clear out the feed and hay. Clear out the crevices and cracks, in which hay and grain may have fallen. Get rid of food items along with other perishables from the tack room and living quarters. You also need to remove the tack and show clothing, storing them indoors for the winter.

Stop Leaks

Leakages can have an impact on the life of your trailer. If you have a steel trailer, then more so. This is because metal and water create rust. On the other hand, an aluminum trailer will corrode if water leaks in and forms a pool for a long time. Using Canada horse trailer covers is one way to protect the trailer from leaks and other elements.

Address Rust

Remove rust by wire brushing or sanding the area. Using paint that is rust-inhibitor, you can color the area. Aluminum horse trailers also come with steel parts such as the tongue framework, the axles, as well as the undercarriage on the trailer.

Take Care of Tires

Tires can get damaged from sun exposure. Consider putting a coat of rubber protectant on them. But, it is always best to cover the tires. To prevent the wheels from flattening on the ground part, it is advisable to move the horse trailer at least twice a month. You may also put the vehicle up on blocks.

Safety Precautions

When tying a horse outside, it is important for the ramp to be in an upward position. This should be the case particularly if the tie rings are at the back area.

A ramp that downward creates space between the springs and the back of the vehicle, in which a leg or foot of a horse can easily get stuck. In addition, the height of the ramp can also injure the lower legs.

Do not leave a horse tied unattended outside the trailer. When you leave a horse inside a trailer, secure the butt bar and chest bar are, as a door may be left open.

Store Trailer Properly

It is not a good idea to always store your horse trailer in a barn. It will corrode and rust faster unless you are storing the trailer in a structure that has a cement floor and without animals. With the use of Canada horse trailer covers, you can store your trailer effectively outside. It is better if there is something that provides some protection to it like near a building.

Moreover, it is not safe to park the trailer under trees considering that harsh weather conditions such as ice storms can make flying limbs to hit and damage your trailer. Make sure to winterize your living quarters if you are planning to store the trailer during this season.

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