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If you own an RV, chances are you would not use it always through the years. In this case, you need to think about storing you vehicle, and prepare it when the time comes to take it out again. For those times when you need to store your RV, it is always a wise idea to invest in RV covers whether in in a storage facility or in the driveway of your home. An uncovered RV is exposed to the full force of outside elements, which can cause costly wear and tear, not to mention the damage to the appearance of your motorhome.

Paint is not just one of the things that is subject to damage from UV exposure. Gel-coated fiberglass has the tendency oxidize as days go by, making the RV lose its shine and making it look dull and chalky. This will significantly reduce the resale value of your recreational vehicle, as buyers of used RVs will look at the condition of the exterior surface first. So, faded decals, chalky front/end caps, and sun-damaged roofs are not on the list of the majority of buyers.

Tree sap can be quite damaging to your RV exterior. The liquid will cause paint staining and erode the exterior paint eventually. Of course, the clear benefit of covering your motorhome is that you would not spend a lot of time washing it.

Pick The Right Cover

It would be beneficial to do a bit of research before going to the warehouse store and buying the cheapest cover that you see. Keep in mind that the right RV covers will protect your vehicle for many years to come. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest some time choosing the right one.

In general, an RV cover is made from polyester or polypropylene fabric with manufacturers doubling them. Often, they triple the layers to ensure that the roof of the RV is protected. The manufacturer may also put some ultraviolet rays repellent or water repellant on the covers, formulating the fabric.

The fabric should enable the moisture to evaporate so that mildew and mold do not develop beneath the RV covers. Another option is to get custom made covers for your RV, which may be designed using different materials to give better protection. This may need you to shell out more money, but will offer better protection than the universal covers. This is because the custom covers have less billowing in the wind and tighter fit.

When you need to take the measurements of your recreational vehicle in order to purchase a cover for it, it is important that you take the measurements accurately. Measure from end to end, as well as measure from bike rack to the ladder. While doing so, consider giving allowance for ladders, the fifth wheel, propane tanks, bumpers, and for everything that are attached to your RV. If you need to decide between two RV covers of different sizes, it is better to go for the larger size.

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