Best RV Camping Accessories – Packing and Unpacking are Fun

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Preparing for the best RV camping accessories can be one exciting, confusing, and scary exercise just before your camping trip. It can be confusing because there seems to be a lot of things to remember to bring with you, scary because you might forget one or two things and others.

The best part of the camping vacation is enjoying nature while you are with your family, friends or colleagues. The fun part is that the whole thing lasts while you’re there at the site and enjoying many things you would want in nature: food, the woods and the hills, and the flora and fauna all around.

Usually, some of the more important accessories for camping can be prepared beforehand after some list or suggestions from everyone.  You may not be able to bring everything, but only the most important ones. Missed out ones might happen but there are some few amazing things you can bring with you.

First aid kit

Among the more experienced campers, the first on their list of best RV camping accessories is always a first aid kit for emergency use. The reasoning is that anything can happen and that any life-threatening situations can be managed till help comes along.

The kit is a simple ordinary box of disinfectants, plasters, cotton, gauzes, and some smelling salts perhaps, and nothing fancier.

Water filter

Water that goes into the freshwater tank should be filtered. It does not only remove sediments and others but it also improves the taste of campground water.

Carbon filters are used with copper and zinc additives to resist bacterial growth.

Jack pads / leveling blocks

For trailers that don’t have an automatic leveling systems, blocks are used to raise some of the tires to have the RV level on even plane. Wooden block can be used or some heavy-duty polypropylene levelers.

Jack pads make larger footprints for the RV to spread its load of the trailer and prevent them from sinking into soft ground or risking damage to paved surfaces.

Power adapters / fuse kits

Power adapters are for those situations where the campsite’s electrical output is not compatible with that of your RV or that the power plug does not match the pedestal receptacle.

Fuses may blow at any time.  The kit is a collection of replacement fuses which use LED technology for easy location on dark fuse panels.

Tables / chairs

Small side tables are usually used to place the drinks, snacks and phones. Next to the kitchen, folding tables are also set up for the meals, stacking supplies and plugging in appliances. These folding tables have telescopic legs and folds in half to save space (and fit into a storage compartment).

To complete the picture, there will be folding chairs that should be comfortable, sturdy, and weather resistant, for that essential outdoor seating.

When deciding to get things organized for your big trip to campsites (preparations, unpacking) they can be an adventure in itself. You won’t know for sure the snags that can happen (and will happen) that can be fun. You already have the best RV camping accessories – you.

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